Meet Your Master Trainers
Lisa Loomis
When I was 36 years old, I lost my mother and had 4 surgeries in one year, 3 of which were cancer scares. I was 65lbs heavier and at the lowest point in my life. I knew I had to change. I started in a Zumba class and 6 months later, I was down 40lbs and teaching Zumba. While teaching a Zumba class, I had a student come up to me and ask me if I had ever heard of HOT HULA fitness®. I had not, but I went home and went online to see if I could find anything on it: just a couple of videos, but I definitely wanted to know more.

As fate may have it, a couple days later HHf was advertising an upcoming training in my area specifically targeted towards Zumba instructors. I jumped right on it and signed up! My first experience with HOT HULA fitness® and Polynesian dancing of any sort was Instructor Training. Although I was way out of my comfort zone, I immediately felt the love and sense of family that comes from our formats. I was made to feel this was something I could do! I love both of these programs because they are always a challenge, a challenge to be a better me. Teaching both students and instructors has been one of the most empowering opportunities I have had as an individual.

There is nothing more humbling and inspiring than watching a broken woman stand strong, pull her shoulders back, and maybe for the first time in a long time feel beautiful. These formats allow me to experience this on a daily basis. Every opportunity to teach and mentor has truly been a blessing for me. I want to continue to do anything possible to share and grow both of these amazing programs. It’s not just about being a successful Master Trainer or Instructor. It’s about understanding that there are so many out there just like myself who need a new beginning  many years ago and who need to know that they are important and strong. Our programs are so good at doing that.

 Rather than list my favorite food, it’s probably better to list foods I don’t like haha: goat cheese, beets, Brussels sprouts, and most fish. My favorite things to do are hang out with my family, lay on a beach and dancing!! When I die, I want people to remember that I loved, I served and I inspired someone.

Nickie Manibusan
Hafa Adai! I am originally from the beautiful island of Guahan. My husband is in the USAF and I have 4 kids which I absolutely adore! I have lived in Japan for almost 8 yrs. But it wasn't until June of 2012, that I began to teach HOT HULA fitness® overseas.

I was able to receive FREE mentor-ship through the Home-study Program & immediately after my 1st LIVE Instructor Training. It was such a BLESSING to have that support. I became the 1st Instructor to teach classes in Japan. HOT HULA fitness® is a rewarding way to give back to the community and a great way to hold yourself accountable for staying active on a day to day basis.

Being a Group Fitness Instructor is not as easy as we may seem to make it look. It takes a good year to not only gain that confidence as an instructor but to create a following within your community. Before leaving Japan, I made it my personal mission to host Japan's 1st HHF Instructor's Training. We created an open invitation to ALL local military bases with combined efforts of the Armed Forces Network-Pacific & the Force Support Squadron at Yokota Air Base to promote the event. It was a successful turnout with new instructors certified from all over mainland Japan. Such an honor to be trained by the creator herself, Ms Anna-Rita Sloss. Her passion to share internationally was an inspirational experience for me. I will never forget it!

Throughout the years, I have remained teachable, consistent and loyal to the HOT HULA fitness® program. I was humbly chosen by our creator, Ms Anna-Rita Sloss to become a Master Trainer for the Pacific Region. I can't tell you enough that the pure joy that comes from building others up is PRICELESS. I love my JOB 100%! If you have never taken one of my Instructor Trainings you'll find out that my goal is to create a NEW & EXCITING experience for each our Instructors to share with their members. Sharing from our hearts with those who are willing to take a next step in their fitness journey. Well that's what it's all about!

If you are a member coming to any of my classes you'll find out: That I try hard not to take myself too seriously-Working out has to be FUN, ALWAYS!-I don't live in the gym-I'm a little OCD-I sometimes don't know my left from my right!!-You will always feel the spirit of Aiga (family) from the moment you walk in-My smiles are permanent-I always have an extra PAREO just for YOU-I B reppin' like a DJ with my Jamz-I will be your biggest fan SSSUUUUUIIIII*


Mae Ruiz-Ignacio
Mae’s approach to teaching dance fitness is through encouragement and positive reinforcement. She enjoys seeing her students smile while feeling successful learning the choreography during each class. Her love of dance brought her to teach HOT HULA fitness in 2011. She has been sharing the exhilarating experience of HOT HULA fitness in the Monterey Peninsula for 6 years. Mae’s goal is for everyone to have fun and to make you forget that you’re working out, so you can’t go wrong with trying her classes. Mae is a certified NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainer) Primary Group Exercise Instructor and is also CPR certified. She is a licensed for HOT HULA fitness (Master Trainer), HOT FUSION fitness (Instructor) and as Mae says “We are all at different fitness levels so work at your own pace, be patient with yourself, and most importantly, have fun!”

Telinthia Mann
I attended a HOT HULA Master Class with Anna-Rita Sloss at LVAC and 24HR Fitness in Las Vegas. Immediately, I fell in love with HOT HULA fitness and knew this was the workout for me. She announced that she was looking for Instructors and handed out signup sheets. My sister is an exercise physiologist and mentioned that we could team teach together. We both signed up and planned to attend the first training in Las Vegas. At that time I was 208lbs, straight from couch-sitting but knew instantly that this was a workout that I could do and would keep me off the couch. I never aspired to become a fitness instructor, but I am loving this journey.

My first goal was to lose weight and become an instructor. After I did that, I aimed for Master Trainer. I now have been teaching for 3 years and in February of last year attended a Master Camp for HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION and in July of that same year became a Master Trainer for both formats. I’m loving my journey because of both of these formats. I now am teaching  Silver&Fit, attended a QiForze and Be Bad Hip Hop certification and hope to add other dance fitness formats to my belt. I grew up with Polynesian dancing and Hip Hop dancing. Anything with dancing, I'm down. HOT HULA fitness has been so much fun, and it’s in my blood. HOT FUSION, on the other hand, was a lot more challenging. The dancing I knew I could do, but the weights scared me. It didn't take me to long to get the Old Skool moves again. The weights and compound moves made me work hard. I can say now that the difference it has made to my body has been AMAZING. I have now grown to love the weight section more than the dancing. I'm a HOT HULA/HOT FUSION fanatic.

Teaching both programs has been so much fun. I love seeing the hard work they put in and all the stories of how each program has helped make them stronger or the moves easier. I love attending trainings and sharing what I have learned. The goal is to make their journey smooth and a lot easier then when I started. For me in Las Vegas, it is my goal to get HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION exposure in ALL of Nevada and to help with American Samoa, where my sister, Master Trainer Ursula Te'o-Martin, is living. I will continue go wherever is needed to get HOT HULA/HOT FUSION noticed and keep pushing for this program to grow bigger than it is now.

 Favorite food is steak and a lobster/crab topping with fully loaded mashed potatoes, green beans and mushrooms. "Two of the most precious things in my life are the gospel of Jesus Christ and my family." This is a saying that my mom would always say in her testimony, and I have come to feel the same. What I want people to remember about me after I have gone is that I loved life, was unafraid to try new things, I loved and put my family on a pedestal, and I could always be counted on. I hope they remember me as an all-around good person.

Paula Tuagalu
I became interested in fitness because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, become fit and transform into a better version of me. I first found out about HOT HULA fitness® on Facebook back in 2010 from a friend of mine who lived in Sydney. She informed me of the HOT HULA fitness® classes that Anna-Rita was demonstrating in Auckland, NZ. I attended and became hooked since that first class with Anna-Rita at St Joseph's Catholic hall in Grey Lynn. I was attracted to the program because I could connect with it due to the Polynesian influence and became addicted to it because it was fun, had great music, was intense even though it was low impact, and I saw the results in myself and others...