Laura Hales

I did ballet for a very long time with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.  I struggled with body image issues and after an entire two decades of obsessing over my body in an unhealthy way, I turned to fitness and healthy eating.  Lisa Loomis, from Utah, kept pushing me in the direction of HOT HULA fitness.  Eventually, as HOT FUSION was introduced, I found my soul mate workout- I love dancing, old school music and moves, and lifting weights (I LOVE LIFTING WEIGHTS!), which is what HOT FUSION is! I got into HOT HULA fitness more and came it love it too.  The changes that ladies see in their bodies are amazing!  I love how powerful and beautiful HOT HULA fitness can be at the same time.  I love the control and technique involved, and the fun! Teaching the programs is a blast.  You are doing formats that are so different from anything else out there.  They get such variety with HOT FUSION and hear songs they haven't heard in ages.  They embrace their body and become more confident in themselves through HOT HULA fitness.  I also love my fellow fitness instructors.  We all have such different personalities and teaching styles, and I love trying to bring those out in everybody.  To spread the ability to teach is a great job.  My degree is in Secondary Education so teaching has always been a very important & natural part of my life. I want this format to become a household.... or gym...hold? ;) name.  I want people everywhere to have the chance to take the classes and learn and grow from them.  I want other instructors to see the validity of these formats and embrace it.  I want all fitness formats to embrace each other and the mission we share: to bring people health and fitness.  I specifically want more fitness instructors to be more educated about fitness, health, and the body.

                My favorite food would have to be sushi and a GOOD ramen.  I was born in Japan, and my dad is Japanese.  I was lucky enough to grow up eating it and enjoying it. Honestly, I don't really care much what other people may think of me when I die, but I hope my family remembers me as spiritual, inspiring, and hard-working. It would be great if others saw me as the same, but I care most for what my family thinks.  I hope that those who have taken my classes remember feeling GREAT about themselves and proud of who they are when they leave my room.  I want them to remember how I made THEM feel rather than how they felt about me.