Lisa Loomis

When I was 36 years old, I lost my mother and had 4 surgeries in one year, 3 of which were cancer scares. I was 65lbs heavier and at the lowest point in my life. I knew I had to change. I started in a Zumba class and 6 months later, I was down 40lbs and teaching Zumba. While teaching a Zumba class, I had a student come up to me and ask me if I had ever heard of HOT HULA fitness®. I had not, but I went home and went online to see if I could find anything on it: just a couple of videos, but I definitely wanted to know more. As fate may have it, a couple days later HHf was advertising an upcoming training in my area specifically targeted towards Zumba instructors. I jumped right on it and signed up! My first experience with HOT HULA fitness® and Polynesian dancing of any sort was Instructor Training. Although I was way out of my comfort zone, I immediately felt the love and sense of family that comes from our formats. I was made to feel this was something I could do! I love both of these programs because they are always a challenge, a challenge to be a better me. Teaching both students and instructors has been one of the most empowering opportunities I have had as an individual. There is nothing more humbling and inspiring than watching a broken woman stand strong, pull her shoulders back, and maybe for the first time in a long time feel beautiful. These formats allow me to experience this on a daily basis. Every opportunity to teach and mentor has truly been a blessing for me. I want to continue to do anything possible to share and grow both of these amazing programs. It’s not just about being a successful Master Trainer or Instructor. It’s about understanding that there are so many out there just like myself who need a new beginning  many years ago and who need to know that they are important and strong. Our programs are so good at doing that.

 Rather than list my favorite food, it’s probably better to list foods I don’t like haha: goat cheese, beets, Brussels sprouts, and most fish. My favorite things to do are hang out with my family, lay on a beach and dancing!! When I die, I want people to remember that I loved, I served and I inspired someone.