Netta Moye

Growing up, I was always involved in sports. After college, I was not involved with sports anymore and I did not take up any other form of exercise. When I became a mother, I saw a picture of myself and realized if I was going to be around for my daughter, I had to make some changes. I started taking Zumba classes and fell in love with it. I could not believe I just exercised for a full hour, and it was a blast. A year later and 75 pounds less, I became a Zumba instructor. A few months later, a friend of mine posted a YouTube video of HOT HULA fitness on Facebook. I was so excited and proud to see that a Pacific Islander in the fitness industry had created a dance fitness program for all fitness levels. Being a Pacific Islander, this was inspiring to me as I did not know of any female Pacific Islander in the fitness industry making her mark and/or inspiring others this way. A few months after finding the program, I became a HOT HULA fitness instructor.

I love that HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION are for all fitness levels. Both cater to those that are already fit and those just starting out on their journey with exercising. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!!! HOT HULA fitness gave me the opportunity to share a piece of my culture with everyone. Everyone!! Race, ethnic background, gender, slim or obese... None of that matters. Everyone can do it, and that is such a wonderful thing to encourage in our students. It really fills my heart with joy and pride when I see those like me who started in the back row gain confidence over the weeks and become the gals/guys in the class that welcome everyone, including the newbie family members. 

HOT HULA fitness is rewarding in so many ways. It’s not just a fitness format. It’s definitely a way of life. Becoming an HHf instructor changed me for the better as an instructor. My students aren’t just students anymore nor numbers of people in my class to tally for my bosses. HHf challenged me to be more involved with my students by getting to know their names, welcoming everyone that comes through the door to my class, and creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting. What fitness format does that?!?  However, when HOT FUSION rolled out, the sculpting with weights was quite intimidating. As with HOT HULA fitness, HOT FUSION kicked me out of my comfort zone by challenging me to be a better instructor. HOT FUSION inspired me to start weight lifting and taking sculpting classes. I wanted to know I was doing my part as an instructor to give a great class, not just the dancing but the sculpting with weights sections, too. I never thought I’d be comfortable to teach with weights but HOT FUSION and all the HF instructor trainings gave me the tools to do it. It’s amazing to feel that way as an instructor.

Now when people tell me they are too afraid to try HF because of the weights, I always make sure to tell them that HF is for every fitness level. Every fitness level!! Teaching HHf and HF inspires me to continue to do what I do. Watching others get more comfortable in their own skin, grow, and hit their fitness goals with either or both formats is such a gratifying feeling. My students are a wide range of ages. I have my Golden Oldies that tell me that they never knew their hips could feel so strong and move the way that they do because of HOT HULA fitness. I have the younger generations telling me that the music that’s used for both formats takes them back in time and reminds them of growing up because their parents would listen to the music I use. Witnessing what these programs do for others, be it socially, emotionally, or physically, is a blessing.

The reason I wanted to be a Master Trainer is because I really wanted to inspire others to inspire others. Both HOT HULA fitness and HOT FUSION are unique. Both formats not only are effective but create a family atmosphere where everyone is welcome and when you’re not there, you’re missed. Not every format can say that. To be on the frontline, so to speak, and be able to train, reach out, and inspire instructors who will eventually or currently have students of their own only creates a larger ripple effect. As a Master Trainer, I want to assist in the growth and success of these formats. I want to mentor others so that they will be able to mentors others. I truly believe that working together as a family with one goal in mind (spreading these formats everywhere) there is nothing that can stop us. I want to assist others in gaining confidence, not only in themselves, but their HOT HULA fitness/ HOT FUSION family. I want to assist in building up our family by building each instructor that is willing to work hard and share our passion of these amazing formats. I want to continue to grow and challenge myself.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family going camping, fishing, hiking, or even relaxing at home. A good book is always great… when I’m able to have a minute alone that is. When I die, I would like people to remember that my life is and always will be my family.