Paula Tuagalu

 I became interested in fitness because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, become fit and transform into a better version of me.  I first found out about HOT HULA fitness® on Facebook back in 2010 from a friend of mine who lived in Sydney. She informed me of the HOT HULA fitness® classes that Anna-Rita was demonstrating in Auckland, NZ. I attended and became hooked since that first class with Anna-Rita at St Joseph's Catholic hall in Grey Lynn.  I was attracted to the program because I could connect with it due to the Polynesian influence and became addicted to it because it was fun, had great music, was intense even though it was low impact, and I saw the results in myself and others. It improved my fitness, demonstrated by my improved stamina and endurance levels as well as with my weight loss. It is inspiring to teach the program because of the impact it has on the participants. It is more than just a fitness program because of the friendships that are formed and the sense of belonging to a family. My aims are to maintain the vision and values of the program by demonstrating this through my practice and character as an MT/AM and instilling these in our instructors, recruit and train more instructors and ensure we retain them through mentors and mentoring sessions as well as maintain and help them attain teaching positions to meet the high demand and need for classes.

My favourite thing to do is have regular pampering  sessions including facials, massages and pedicures because giving back to one's self is an imperative! When I die, I hope people remember that I walked the talk! I made a difference!