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DVD Testimonials

I joined 24 Hour Fitness just for the Hot Hula classes but, the drawback was the classes start at 7:30 which is late form me. I decided to look on line and I found the DVDs!!! I absolutely love them. Now I can do Hot Hula every day. I sweat much more doing Hot Hula than I do working out at the gym. Plus, it is fun and so sexy. In addition to a good work out, it’s self-esteem booster.

-Sheri Chambers


I bought the Hot Hula dvds after my daughter told me about attending a hot hula fitness class near her home.  I live in another state and didn't locate a class near me from the website. I've wanted to learn how to hula for quite a while now.  This is the perfect opportunity.

I've viewed the first video a couple of times, still working in the beginning segments.  What I really love about it so far is the low impact yet great workout it offers. I like to work up a sweat when I workout and with Hot Hula, I work up a good full body sweat.   Can't wait to be good enough to continue on with the other dvds.

Thank you for producing these.  They offer a superb way to keep fitness fun.

-Loretta Mikolyski


I would be more than happy to share my feedback on the DVDs. I purchased the Hot Hula Fitness DVD after participating in an instructor trainee session. I felt I needed to improve my form and technique along with my queuing. I loved the way the DVD was broken down into sections so I could follow along at my own pace until I knew I had strengthened my form and technique. While practicing Hot Hula Fitness I find that I not only am I having a great time but that I forget I am actually working out. I focus on what I am doing at that moment and don't realize just how much I am sweating! I don't have to tell you how fun Anna-Rita makes this program. She provides just enough commentary and instruction so once or twice through the DVD you have it!
Each morning I would pick one part of the DVD and focus on that. I kept this up and one day my sister and I were at a spa. I was bending over leafing through the magazines and she said she did not recognize me because my bum had gotten smaller :) I was elated!!! I have since had my sister join me several mornings to workout with the DVD.  She is improving each day and really looks forward to the workouts.
I have since started adding in the Sculpt DVD and am finding that I am toning and trimming at the same time. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Now that I am becoming more confident, I am ready to take it to the next level and finish my training so I can become a certified instructor!

-Patty Hoeler


Hello! I love my Hot Hula videos. I was introduced to Hot Hula on my local p.b.s. station and then saw they had classes in my area at gyms. I tried it out and loved it so much. I love being in the class with live people, but working out with Anna Rita pushing me on in the videos and her awesome smile and attitude it keeps me going when I feel like cutting my workout short. I love Hot Hula and will continue to do these workouts for as long as I live...and have a DVD player. Thank you for these awesome dances from wonderful cultures, and for keeping them alive and passing them on. Mahalo! 

-Erin Williams