1.    Do I need to be a current fitness instructor to take the HOT HULA fitness® (HHF) instructor training class?  NO.  Anyone who wants to teach our program can train to be an instructor.  We will work with you to become a successful instructor.  We encourage anyone who wants to give the gift of fitness to teach.

2.  How much does it cost for the HHF instructor training class?  The prices vary on the class.  See our website and look for the class you are interested in taking.  If you have not previously trained in HHF, you must start with a Home Study or a LIVE class in Basics and a Siva.

3.  What do you get with each LIVE HHF instructor training class?  Each full day class is 7 hour and half-day is 4 hour.  Matua is 6 hours.  All material is sent to you digitally before the training.  Materials include but not limited to instructor manual, choreography, instructor training videos, etc. 

4.  If I take an instructor training class, can I automatically start teaching HHF?  NO.  Our instructors are required to demonstrate their ability to teach and know at least one siva (dance).  The instructor requirement is outlined in the Term of Use (ASE 120) and the Instructor Application (ASE 250).  You can find both documents in the Instructor Training Documents of our website.

5.  Is the amount I pay for specific siva(s) only? YES.  If so, when and how do we get the next siva(s)?  Sivas are available for purchase in our estore.

6.  What siva do I start with?  Basics with any Siva except Lima (5 ) which is only available to currently trained instructors.

7.  Would I be able to do a live audition the same day as the instructor training?  NO.  Unless you are an experience group fitness instructor and knowledgeable in the HHF sivas from doing an instructor home study program, you will need to practice before you audition. If you have gone through a previous training and a live training is in your town, you may schedule ahead of time with us and arrive for a testing with the Master Trainer at the end of the live training.

8.  How long does it typically take someone after the instructor training to teach?  The average timeframe is 1-3 months.  The timeframe varies with each individual.  Our Mentorship Program matches you up with one of our Master Trainer or Experienced Instructor to assist you in becoming a HHF instructor.

9.  Once I am approved to teach HHF, can I teach it anywhere?  YES.  To test a location and see if there is interest, a Demo Class is usually held prior to establishing a weekly class.  We suggest you get a hosting agreement with a liability waiver in place for a demo class (agreement for your use in the Instructor Training Documents).

10. When will you be in my area to train instructors?  We try to host training in areas with demand for our program so if you have a demand in your area, let us know.  We will be happy to coordinate a training class with you if there are 25+ individuals interested in training to be a HHF instructor.

11. How else can I become an HHF instructor if LIVE training is not available in my area?  You can do an Instructor Home Study Program.  The program details are provided in our website.

12. How much money can I expect to make as a HHF Instructor? That will vary upon the actual location.  Some large facilities may have a corporate compensation structure, and you would then be on the payroll.  Other locations may compensate you based on a written agreement between you and them.

13. If I relocate out of the area, and want to teach HHF in my new area where it doesn't yet exist, how do I make this happen?  Find a place that you want to teach HHF and see if they are interested in the class.  Contact us at and let tell us about the location and contact so we can help you advertise the class.

14. What happens to my Certification if I don't teach HHF within the first year?  Skills maintenance is key to your success, and we believe that you can be successful!  Persistence and practice through our Mentorship Program will enable you to continue to move forward.  If you find yourself still not teaching after the first year post Certification, contact, and we will re-connect you with a Master Trainer who may be able to help you resolve minor issues that may be impeding your progress.

15. Will I be guaranteed a regular class immediately after the approval of my instructor application?  NO.  There are several factors that come into play to teach a regular class.  For example, to get on board with an established fitness organization and on their teaching schedule, you must audition with a local Group Exercise Manager at the facility in your (preferred) area.  Depending on their program, the class opening and your audition, an HHF class may be established for you to teach.