Instructor Guide

Finished your HOT HULA fitness or HOT FUSION Instructor Training and wondering what to do next? PRACTICE! Spend as many hours per week as you can on improving your skills. Listen to the music, feel the beats, cue with your words and your body, and dance whenever you can. The more comfortable and confident you are with your material and yourself, the better teacher you will become.


Once you feel as though you could perform the choreography in your sleep, film yourself and get approved to teach.  Demonstrate your ability to dance to the beats, give cues that are timely and helpful, and share your uplifting words and energy.  Step into the student’s shoes (or bare feet) and ask, would I want to take my class?  If the answer is no, you are probably too hard on yourself but keep practicing until your answer is maybe.  If you believe your video reflects the fantastic teaching abilities that you’ve been working so hard to obtain, send the video to for approval.  Don’t worry, we will always help you to be the best that you can be so do not wait for perfection since it will never come.


We will review your submittal and contact you. Some of you will be ready to teach immediately. However, many of you will need some mentoring and just a little more practice before you’re ready to get out there and start changing lives.  Please don’t be discouraged by this, you will eventually be approved and ready to take on the fitness world by storm.


Once you have obtained the approval to teach, the next step is to find yourself a class.  If you already did this, “CONGRATULATIONS!  YEAH!  YOU ROCK!”  This process is going to be different for every individual. Some of you will want to work at popular, well-known gym which most likely will require an audition with the head of group exercise.  He or she will be looking for the same basic qualities that we look for during the approval videos: strong and clear verbal and physical cueing, dancing to the beat, great energy and form, and the ability to inspire and encourage.  Ace the audition and get a class.


For some of you who prefer not to work at a health club chain, it might be less stressful and possibly more lucrative to teach at a smaller facility (local gym, dance studios, community centers and schools)  that you rent or do revenue share with the owner.  For a rental, you pay a flat rate for the use of the studio for one hour; each of your students will pay a fee to take your class.  This will sometimes make more money than the flat rate you would be paid per hour at a more popular gym.  However, if no one shows up for your class, you must pay out of your own pocket to cover the renting cost.  On revenue sharing, you are not charged for the facility and you split student fees (percentages differ).  Check the insurance coverage for the facility and make sure you have coverage.  We recommend having a liability waiver for students.


Some HOT HULA fitness instructors forgo teaching at gyms altogether.  Classes can be taught at churches, community centers, beaches, parks, etc...  A few of our instructors have shared HOT HULA fitness at unique locations to practice their teaching skills, share their passion and give back to their community.  Free classes are also great at raising awareness of your regular classes. HOT HULA fitness can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!  Don't limit yourself to the orthodox locations. As long as you and your students have music and lava lavas, location is not an issue.


Remember, once you begin teaching, you begin inspiring and helping others to get fit and healthy.  Being a fitness instructor is a fun and very rewarding way to change the world, one student at a time


Contacting someone you do not know and asking for an opportunity can be a scary endeavor.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  For every YES, you might hear 10 NO’s so be ready for it and do not get discouraged.  The word NO will not kill you, and it most certainly is not an assessment of your ability.  It simply means that this is not the right place or time, but there is a right place and time.  You just have to find it.  The best way to seek an audition is to directly contact the Group Exercise management.  Shoot them an email introducing yourself.  Explain what HOT HULA fitness is if they do not already know.  You could email them links to our websites and videos so they can visualize and understand the format.  In your email, include your enthusiasm for the program - say you would love to go to the club and do a demo class so the manager can see exactly what the program is about.  After doing a demo class, ask the person in charge of Group Exercise if they would be interested in giving you a class.


Check out this interview on Social Triggers from Behind the Brand to get tips on how to contact people to get opportunities:


Once you’ve survived the Contacting Facilities exercise, you will have a class.  Building a class takes time - usually about three months.  If you only have a few people show up at your first few classes, do not be discouraged.  Over the following months, more and more people will attend your class.  Don't give up! Focus on teaching the class to the best of your ability.  Remember to smile and have fun!  Use social media to raise awareness of your class.  This can be a huge asset when trying to reach out to find more students. If you keep up-to-date with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will be able to reach myriads of potential students. Write statuses and post pictures of yourself and/or students dancing; show the world exactly how much fun you have staying fit. Then, ask your friends and family to share these. Ask your students to bring in a friend.  Run deals, e.g. 1 free class for each friend.  Teach some free classes at events and anywhere you can to get exposure for your class.   


Make sure to keep up your skills and lead by example.  As a fitness instructor who is fortunate enough to play a hand in helping others realize the importance of health, you are a leader.  Impress upon your students that fitness truly can be fun.  Remember to exaggerate your movements because the members taking your class will only give you a percentage of what you give them.  Just because you teach now does not mean you don't need to practice, too.  Dedicate several hours a week to practicing your dancing at home.  Even though you are good enough to teach your class, there is always room for improvement. Dance while you walk around the house, while you’re cooking, even while you’re driving the kids to school. Don’t forget to include cueing in your rehearsing. There is no point mastering the choreography if you cannot effectively relay the upcoming moves to your class. So practice, practice, practice, and show the world the best HOT HULA fitness instructor you can be!