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MATUA Instructor Training

MATUA Instructor Training

MATUA is our version of HOT HULA fitness® for older adults.  Consistent with the HOT HULA fitness® program, the workout is inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands. MATUA incorporates easy-to-perform dance movements set to the traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with island and 60’s music. MATUA provides the HOT HULA fitness® program “total body workout” while keeping the needs of the older adult in mind.  The workout provides the benefits of dance to participants of all levels from non-active to very active older adults.  As an automatic response to the music and dance, MATUA transforms exercise into a 30 to 60 minute get-a-way and celebration.

Instructor Training for MATUA includes HOT HULA fitness® Basics.  To teach a regular HOT HULA fitness® class, additional training in a Siva is required.  The goals of the MATUA instructor training:

·        Provide background and the Basics of HOT HULA fitness®

·        Educate the instructor on the fundamentals of teaching a fitness class

·        Educate the instructor on the physical and mental consideration for older adults as it impacts exercise.

·        Show the instructor HOT HULA fitness® program modifications for MATUA to deliver a safe older adult workout.

·        Teach the instructor choreography to teach the HOT HULA fitness®  MATUA Class.

Our HOT HULA fitness® instructor trainings are purposely priced to be affordable.  Giving the gift of fitness, especially to older adults, is rewarding and opportunities are numerous.  Studies say that just 15 minutes of exercise every day reduces the risk of death by 14 percent and increases life expectancy by three years compared to inactive people.