Lava-Lava Instructions

 There are various ways to tie a lava-lava (sarong) for use in the HOT HULA fitness® class.  Here are two for your use.

 A.      Lava-lava with a roll

1.       Open the lava-lava and take the top corners.

2.       Wrap the lava-lava around you with the opening to the front.

3.       Take the two upper corners and tie it together making a knot but keeping it very loose around you.

4.       Turn the lava-lava with the opening behind you, now take the opposite side (front) of the knot (now in back) and make it another knot keeping the lava-lava at hip size (you can use a rubber band/hair tie to make it easier).  If the lava-lava is too tight, you will not be able to roll it.  If it is too loose, it will fall off.

5.       Finally with knots on each hip, roll up the lava from the top edge going outside until it reaches your desired length.

 NOTE:  you can get that loose roll look by keeping the last roll nice and big.


B.      Lava-lava basic tie

1.      Fold the lava-lava in half (lengthwise) to desired length (hip to knee). 

           One side might be longer so put that on the inside and use the fold as the top.

2.      Wrap the lava-lava around you with the opening to the side.

3.      Take the two upper corner and tie to together tightly at the hip making a knot so it does not fall off.

4.      Adjust the length by pulling it down and material left hanging from the know by tucking it in.