MATUA Instructor Training

THANK YOU for purchasing our MATUA Instructor Training.  MATUA is our version of HOT HULA fitness® for older adults.  Consistent with the HOT HULA fitness® program, the workout is inspired by the dances of the South Pacific Islands. MATUA incorporates easy to perform dance movements set to the traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with island and 60’s music.  Only previously trained HOT HULA fitness® instructors are allowed to teach MATUA after taking this MATUA online instructor training and receiving an approval to teach from Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises.  Lessons taught in this MATUA Instructor Training are built on the foundation that you received as a HOT HULA fitness® instructors.  There are 3 simple steps to our training.  Once you complete all three, you are ready to teach HOT HULA fitness® MATUA

You should have received the manual in an email.
If you did not do so already, please open the MATUA manual,
read, learn the information and follow the instructions in the manual.
Here is the link to the first two videos. Enter the password sent to
you for access.  Please watch then in order 1 - 2


Article by The American Psychological Association

Article by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Video by Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging

Video by University of Georgia Gerontology



Learn modifications, stretches and practice the sample class.
Practice, practice, practice.
Let us know if you need help and we will provide a mentor to help you.
Here are the links to the Teaching A Class videos.  Enter the
password for access. Please watch them in order 3 - 12


When you are ready to teach,
submit an application to teach MATUA to
Please note that you have to be approved to teach  HOT HULA fitness®
before you are approved to teach MATUA
Here are links to the applications.