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Click on the instructor photos to read some remarkable stories of weight loss that resulted from an enthusiastic commitment to the HOT HULA fitness® workout and a change in eating habits.  Losing weight is an issue that varies with each individual, and it may seem hard initially to getpast the hurdles that have caused you to take your focus off of your personal health and well being in the first place. These stories will inspire and motivate you to make the changes that will give you long-lasting benefits and remind you of what can be achieved if you stick to the goals that you’ve set out for yourself.  Have fun and remember that getting fit is HOT!



Toni S. – I just want to let you know how the HOT HULA fitness® classes have elevated my health.  I had a very long-term back problem (20 years) with no diagnosis able to be made, thus no treatment.  For the last 5 years I have been unable to even lie on my left side.

I noticed a few months after I began the HOT HULA fitness® classes that my pain had become much less. At 5 mos. of classes (and I have only been able to squeeze in an average of 2 classes a week), I realized I was lying on and sleeping on my left side! I have been ill for the last week and now notice stiffness in my back.  The prescription is clear:  HOT HULA fitness®, and the more the better!  I am thrilled and love these classes, the first exercise I have been able to stick with (because I love it and it is so much fun).  I also love the culture that goes with it.  Thank you for this program!

Leslie P. - I love HOT HULA fitness®, I have been to the two free classes at the Northwest Rec. Center. I hope they will have the Jan Schedule out soon, because I will be a regular, it is a blast!!! This is such a great class!!! Bring it on!!!!

Lisa W. - I hate working out & I love HOT HULA fitness®! I am going to try to go to more classes in 2011 & lose 10 lbs! Everyone needs to try it!

Lori W. - I've been taking HOT HULA fitness® for 6+ months and I still love it! It's a fun way to burn some calories and get in a great workout! The time flies because I'm having so much fun! Why do boring workouts, when you can have fun and get a great workout all at once!

Marie M.  - Fun way to lose weight and achieve healthier lifestyle...Totally addicted to it!!!

Amelia S. - Anna-Rita and HOT HULA fitness® are awesome :-) i am glad to have a chance to meet her and take a hot hula fitness class directly from her :-) thank you :-) you are awesome :-)

Victoria C. - I have gone down 20 lbs and 2 sizes, I have my confidence back, I love to dance and thought I couldn’t do it anymore.  I feel at home with all our dancers.  I WILL DANCE ALL THIS FLUBBER OFF BY SUMMER....THANK U RITA FOR HOT HULA fitness®.

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