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My name is Jennifer. I'm 25 and I've been doing HOT HULA (using the DVD set) two or three times a week for the past five months as a way of working on my cardio in a low-impact (and less boring than the elliptical) way. While I've lost a little bit of weight - 16 pounds so far! - the most noticeable difference for me is actually in my general fitness and stamina. I can dance longer and work harder in the gym than I could even a few months ago, although if I skip a few sessions, I definitely feel it! Luckily, I always really enjoy breaking out the DVDs - Anna-Rita is so funny and engaging as an instructor that I barely notice that my entire body is soaked with sweat ten minutes in, and even if I felt grumpy when I started my workout, I feel fantastic by the end. (Those exercise endorphins really work!) Now I'm hoping I can get my mom and sister to give Hot Hula a try, too!