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Mae I.

Mae is now a Size 7.
Looking great as she
represents HOT HULA
fitness at a 10K run.

HOT HULA fitness® catapult me from my mediocre fitness routine to “Hot Amazing Energetic Pump up the Volume Poly workout”.

I learned about HOT HULA fitness® in 2009 while zipping through YouTube and came across Anna-Rita Sloss wearing her white basketball shorts and tank top krunking like a 15 year old. Then I became curious and found HHf clips: Electrifying drum beats, lines and lines of people smiling and pushing themselves while sweating profusely, they were barefoot, having fun and I wanted to be part of this! I did a GOOGLE search for HHf in Monterey or Bay Area and located classes down south. Life got busy, eldest son Mason moved out of the house to attend college, daughter Malena entered High School (need I say more/Teenage daughter), got a promotion at work which meant more work and long hours, my work out was sporadic and unfulfilling. Then on November 4, 2010, my baby sister’s husband was a victim of a vehicular homicide in Oakland California. Our lives changed, our focus switched to caring for my sister and 3 daughters. We moved Leila, Keila, Jeilin and Isa to Sacramento to be closer to family. I remember when Mark was alive, he’d take Leila and the girls to Lake Merrit in Oakland and power walk/jog the lake; the girls would text me with excitement sharing how much fun they had. Leila told me how Mark would park their car in the last row of the parking lot to make her walk and get exercise. A week after Mark passed away, I asked Leila to take a walk with me; she said no. I asked her the next day and she made excuses. Finally, I forced her to walk down the block (which was a hill) and back to the house; she reluctantly complied. I explained to her how important it was to get back into fitness because she has a long road ahead dealing with insurance, attorneys and being sole provider for her girls; too much too soon she needed to grieve. Walking and any form of exercise reminded her of Mark and the times they used to share.

I backed off and prayed for her to get plugged in to a Fitness club in Sacramento. End of January 2011 she and the girls joined 24-Hour Nautilus on Florin Rd. in Sacramento. Leila and Keila were so excited to share how much fun they had doing HOT HULA fitness® and how I need to get certified to teach HHf and they loved Hot Hula, Hot Hula, Hot Hula, Hot Hula!!!!! You see, something magical happens when you take a HHf class. The instructors don’t know what is going on in the lives of their students, they teach, correct and encourage. In the deepest, darkest moment of Leila’s life she found an amazing way to release anxiety, get a great work out, find a time for herself and build her confidence. At the same time I was praying for God’s protection and provisions for Leila and the girls.

If HHf could touch one person’s life to get plugged into fitness, feel good and confident about themselves, help them get on the road of healing and recovery then yes, I want to be part of HOT HULA fitness® and deliver Anna-Rita’s goal and mission: “Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprises, LLC makes a positive difference in a person's life every day by providing fun and effective group and home fitness workouts that ignite and support an individual's passion for dance, wellness and family. We believe that everyone deserves a fun, healthy and balanced life.”

My life has changed for the better and I am sincerely grateful for HOT HULA fitness®. AND I lost 15 pounds since I bought the home study, attended 2 classes in Pleasanton and attended the Basics/Siva Ono Certification in Sacramento. My husband of 22 years sees the difference, and since has taken up Mountain Biking to get fit. My financial goal with HHf is to provide financial resources for Leila and the girls.  Thank you Anna-Rita, Stella, Noelani, Linda, Easter and Vise.  I treasure your friendship, mentorship and love for HOT HULA fitness®.  Praying for God’s blessings upon you and your families.