A year ago, I found myself at rock bottom. Living in a new place away from family, I fell into a deep depression. It was a slow progression that I didn't even see coming, until one day I realized I could barely breathe. As a mother of six, I had dedicated my life to taking care of everyone around me, at my own expense. My life revolved around getting everyone to their activities, doing what I could to make sure they were successful and I would just sit on the sidelines and watch. I stopped participating in life. I was the mom in the lawn chair who would watch as her husband ran around and played with the kids. At nearly 200 lbs, I no longer recognized myself in the mirror.

Now, I know when I tell people I have six kids, they assume that's where I got my excess weight from. I can assure you it's not. I earned every single pound on my own, with out the help of my pregnancies. In fact, because I so often had gestational diabetes, I would be very healthy during my pregnancies, and would gain very little weight at all. However, once the baby was born, I quickly would go back to my ways and eat any thing and everything. It was to the point where I would get pregnant again, my doctor would point out that I now already weighed several pounds more than when I was full term with my previous pregnancy. I put on every pound myself, fair and square.

I decided to take the kids back home to Hawaii on a vacation. While there, I thought I'd like to try a few fitness classes. I took a few dance fitness classes, and while I felt great while dancing, when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how I looked. I wasn't nearly as cute as I thought I was when I danced. I quickly became the girl in the back row, hiding from my own reflection. A friend invited me to a HOT HULA fitness® class. Having danced hula in my younger days, I thought it would be fun! My first thought about 3 minutes into the class was how low impact it was. Having a bad knee, this was a bonus for me, but I couldn't imagine how something so low impact could produce results. At about 4 minutes in, when my thighs started burning and the sweat began to drip, there was no doubt in my mind that I would see results with this program. My favorite moment of that class was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My big, child bearing hips, while awkward in other classes, were graceful and beautiful while doing HOT HULA fitness®! I had always felt that once I lost the weight I would be beautiful, but in that moment, I realized that I was already beautiful, even with the weight! HOT HULA fitness® awakened me! It made me proud of my body and my curves. I learned to push myself and enjoy it.

Being so new in the fitness world, and lacking the motivation, I knew for me, the only way I would stick with the program would be to teach it. Yes, at nearly 200 lbs, I decided I wanted to be a fitness instructor! I signed up for the very next certification, which was the day after my first class. That was the single greatest decision I made in turning my life around! In less than a year with HOT HULA fitness® I dropped 50 lbs! I have found myself again. I feel like my husband has his fun, spunky wife back. For the first time in at least 10 years, I enjoy getting dressed! I'll never forget the first time I went into a store, grabbed something off the rack and it actually fit!! Shopping before usually resulted with me in tears in the dressing room. I have found that joy I'd lost. More than anything, I have found a reason to be proud of myself. I have such a different outlook on who I am and what I can accomplish. HOT HULA fitness® has been life changing not only for me, but for the men and women in my classes who have seen results in their own lives!

I want to thank Anna-Rita Sloss and ASE for creating this incredible, program. My life will forever be changed because I discovered HOT HULA fitness®.