My struggle with my weight began in high school. I didn't realize that my metabolism wasn't that of a 7 year old anymore where I could eat anything and everything without gaining an blew up to be the exact opposite! I went from being 135lbs into my 200's - very quickly!!


I had done Polynesian dancing since the age of 3 and had stopped dancing when I graduated high school. After a 10 year break from dancing I learned of HOT HULA fitness through a friend and took my first class. I was DRIPPING in sweat not even 5 minutes into the warm up! At the end of the class I knew that THIS was an exercise format that I could stick with for once! After attending several HHf classes, a passion for the program was ignited in me. Within my first year of taking my first class, I got certified as an instructor, began teaching my first class in Garden Grove, CA, shortly thereafter, and am now teaching at least three HHf classes a week.


I have lost nearly 60lbs with HOT HULA fitness over the last two years. I am in better shape now than I ever was in all my years of dancing. My endurance and stamina have increased tremendously, my legs, arms - total body has experienced a great transformation during my time with HOT HULA fitness. I totally have a testimony of this program and encourage EVERYONE to give HOT HULA fitness a go -- you will experience a workout that feels like you're just having FUN but will leave you dripping in sweat and success. It's a beautiful thing ;)


Fa'afetai tele lava (thank you so much!) Anna-Rita Sloss for creating a program that ANYONE - no matter their age, size, or situation - can participate in and belong to. You are truly an inspiration to many and we are thankful for you! I will continue to share the love for HOT HULA fitness and let it spread like wildfire because GETTING FIT IS HOT!!